Directory of resources

It can be difficult to know where to look to find information/ support about dementia. Here are a few websites and resources that we’ve come across and hope might be useful to others.

We’ll add to this list as we encounter new websites and resources – if you have a suggestion of something we should add please let us know.

Advice and information

What to do if you’re worried that someone you know might be showing signs of dementia.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Online forum run by the Alzheimer’s society. You can search previous threads for information on a particular topic or start a thread of your own.

An invaluable source of information and support from other people living with dementia.


A national project that brings together people’s diverse experiences of living with dementia as a series of audio diaries.

It serves as a public record and a personal archive that documents the day-to-day lives of people living with dementia, with the aim of prompting a richer dialogue about the varied forms of the condition.

Dementia diaries

A project which aims to challenge the way people think and talk about dementia and to inspire local communities, organisations and businesses to become more aware and understanding of dementia.

The website has many inspiring resources: images, videos, stories, blogs, audio diaries, reports and toolkits.

Dementia without walls

A range of dementia related publications produced by the Alzheimer’s Society (but covering different types of dementia)


An app which translates words into pictures. For people living with dementia words can become increasingly hard to understand, making communication and social interaction difficult.

Images, on the other hand, can retain their meaning long after the sense of a word has been lost.

This means that for most people living with dementia an image communicates an idea or emotion more clearly than a word.

At the moment it is only available in care home settings, but a version for personal use is in development – you can sign up for updates.

See what I mean

By going along to one of these sessions you can learn more about what it’s like to live with dementia and the small ways you can help to make communities more dementia friendly.

Find a session close to you

You can also train to become a Dementia Friends Champion, and run information sessions yourself. If you’re interested, have a look at what options there are close to you:

Champions training

A Community Interest Company which emphasises the rights and potential of people with dementia. They work with people living with dementia to influence dementia policy and practice and issue a monthly newsletter with updates on innovations in dementia.

Innovations in dementia

Run by Admiral Nurses, the helpline can give you specialist practical and emotional support, over the phone or by email.

Dementia UK helpline

A Community Interest Company which aims to enable people living with dementia, and their families, to enjoy nature.

They run holidays and trips as well as offering training, consultancy and research.

Dementia adventure

A project building services for people living with dementia, aiming to prove that dogs can help to maintain eating, sleeping and waking routines, keep people with dementia active and engaged with their local community, as well as providing a companion who will reassure when facing new and unfamiliar situations.

Dementia dogs

Useful books

Lists of books you might find helpful if you have dementia, are caring for someone with dementia or would like to find out more about the condition.

The books provide information and advice, support for living well, advice for relatives and carers, and personal stories.

They are endorsed by health professionals and can all be found in local libraries.

Books on prescription

An emotional account of one family’s experience of dementia, interspersed with accessible information about dementia and research.

You can follow Where Memories Go on Facebook for regular updates on research and interesting dementia related articles.

Playlist for Life (see below) was founded by Sally, and was one of the recipient organisations for 2014 funds.

Where memories go

Supporting the current focus on living well with dementia, this book shows how to carry out Life Story Work with people with dementia in a variety of settings. Focusing on the practicalities of carrying out life story work and highlighting its benefits, this book also includes case studies which will inspire the provision of individualised care.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Early onset dementia

A charitable company based in Oxfordshire. Their services are focused in the Oxfordshire area, but their website offers a wealth of information about early onset dementia.

Young onset dementia

An awareness raising group based in Eccles, Manchester promoting safe places for people living with dementia and their carers.

Dementia havens

Services and activities

One of the key messages that Remembering Not to Forget wants to promote is that it’s possible to live well with dementia for a long time.

Every person with a diagnosis of dementia will experience the progression of the condition differently, but research indicates that keeping busy can slow the progress of symptoms, and to promote an improved sense of well-being.

Services and activities available in your local area will vary, here are some options as a starting point.

An online services directory produced by the Alzheimer’s Society

Local information

Memory cafes offer a space for people living with dementia and their carers to come together, socialise and take part in different activities.

This independent directory allows you to search for a memory cafe in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It also includes venues with music and singing facilities.

The Taunton Memory Cafe was a recipient of funds raised in 2014.

Memory Cafe

The Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP) brings together groups of people with dementia from across the UK, and supports these groups to try to change services and policies that affect the lives of people with dementia.

They put together guidance to ensure that dementia is described in an accurate, balanced and respectful manner.

DEEP Guide See if there is a group running in your area.

Funding from Remembering Not to Forget will be used to help set up a DEEP group in Exeter.

Music-based activities

Research suggests that music can play an important role in helping people living with dementia to stay connected with those around them.

A service provided by the Alzheimer’s Society, using singing to bring people together in a friendly and stimulating environment.

It is based on the idea that singing is not just an enjoyable activity, but can also provide a way for people with dementia, and their carers, to express themselves and socialise with others in a fun and supportive group.

Services are often run alongside memory cafes.

The Taunton Singing for the Brain group was a recipient of funds raised in 2014.

Singing for the brain

A charity encouraging the use of personally meaningful music in the care and treatment of people with dementia, helping families to create a playlist of personally meaningful music to help unlock memories.

A recipient of funds raised in 2014.

Playlist for life

Support for Carers

People caring for someone living with dementia also need to look after their own well being.

Provide expert advice, information and support (including a telephone helpline), connect carers and campaign on issues affecting carers.

Carers UK

The Carers Trust work to improve support, services and recognition for carers. They carried out research into the challenges faced by people caring for someone living with dementia, which you can access here.

Read about how Remembering Not to Forget funds are supporting the Carers Trust in using this research to campaign for better services for carers of people living with dementia.

Somerset Direct

A social centre providing day care and supporting people with mental health problems, physical disabilities, are frail or who may be dependent upon others. Two days a week are focused on supporting people living with different forms of dementia. A recipient of funds raised in 2014.


For information about Taunton Memory Cafe & Singing for the Brain groups, please contact us.

Helpful Links

There are a number of websites which offer activities specifically designed for people living with dementia; we have listed some of these below. Please note that we are not endorsing these organisations over others, but have found products from these organisations helpful.

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