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We would like to raise money for Remembering Not to Forget on behalf of Bernard (aka Dad / Grandad) who recently passed away after suffering from vascular dementia for just over two years.

It seemed to us that Dad was affected quite suddenly by dementia in 2014 after a stroke and finding support for him, both physically and emotionally, took us a on a journey through a world of care provision, benefits, charities and medical jargon that was completely unfamiliar and difficult to navigate.

Charities like Remembering Not to Forget support families dealing with this devastating condition and we hope to raise some money for them in Dad’s name.

Bernard leaves behind a wife, four children and six grandchildren who are all now remembering not to forget the caring, funny and dignified gentleman he was.

We all thank you very much for your donation to this cause.

You can donate online using the links on this page, or if you would prefer to write a cheque please make payable to Remembering Not to Forget and send to 35 Central St, London, EC1V 8AB.

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