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Update 6 May 2015

What an experience! For anyone that needs a pick me up, go sky diving! Guaranteed to give you a rush for weeks afterward! Thank you to the instructors at Skydive Headcorn for being so brilliant and giving us an amazing experience!

Secondly, a big thank you to everyone for all the amazing support. We only advertised this a few weeks before the jump but all the support has been overwhelming. Your generous donations have been streaming in and all the shares and support on social media really made a big difference so thank you thank you thank you!

Thirdly, thank you to our dear/stupid? friend Kristina that joined us for the jump. Even now it is surreal thinking back to what we have done! WE JUMPED OUT A PLANE!

Finally a very special thank you to Iva Dixon for sticking around with us on the day. Skydiving is possibly the most adrenaline fueled activity we have ever undertaken however waiting to skydive must be one of the most boring, but Iva was there with us on the day to keep company, help calm the nerves, support and take lots pictures, so thank you very much Iva.

Although we were dreading this challenge before hand, we have all agreed that it wont be the last.

Pictures from the day

This year we are going one better than an indoor charity skydive – an outdoor one. Eeek!

Falling from thousands of feet up and strapped to someone that (hopefully) knows what they are doing, this is possibly the craziest attempt at raising money for charity that we have ever considered.

Yes even crazier than swimming in sub 7 degree waters of the Serpentine!

On 19 April we will be jumping from a plane so please consider what nervous wrecks we will be (or in some cases have already been since signing up for the challenge – Laura is dreading it).

We’re covering all the costs of the sky dive ourselves, so all donations will be used to support people living with dementia, and to raise awareness of the condition. Any amount donated is much appreciated so please donate now!

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