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Update 7 January 2015

Update 8 December 2014

Wow, things have just got interesting. Charles Carolan has stepped forward and will now join me in my waxing! All we have to do is to hit the new target of £2k for him to squeal like a piggy next to me.

Let’s make sure this happens!

Thanks for taking a look at my charity sponsorship page.

So here’s what it’s all about –

My Dad is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and his health is slowly deteriorating.

I’ve kept this private for a couple of years, but both myself and the family feel we’re ready for people to know.

This opens up the chance for me to be pro-active and, with your help, do something about it.

Most of you know that I’m not short of a few hairs here and there (see pic), and a brief tester has proved that wax strips are sufficiently painful for me to not feel guilty in asking for your money.

To coincide with my 30th birthday, on January 3rd I will wax my Chest, Back, Sack and Crack.

As an added incentive – if we meet the target total; the beards gets the chop too.

All the money raised goes to my good friend Laura’s charity helping fight the impact of dementia on all fronts. This includes helping people with dementia to live independently for as long as possible, supporting families caring for sufferers and enabling research into a cure for the disease.

Every contribution makes a difference, so please help me through the pain and donate whatever you can.

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