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*Featured Image: Karen Holden, Dementia and Frailty Projects Lead at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, with a selection of activities that have been purchased through donations raised by Remembering Not to Forget.

All donations from individuals are donated directly to organisations supporting people impacted by dementia. Funds are distributed on an annual basis to organisations which:

  • Promote and protect the good health of people living with dementia, e.g. helping people with dementia to live independently for as long as possible, and as the disease progresses ensuring they have a good quality of life and receive high standards of care.
  • Provide support to families and carers of people living with dementia.
  • Carry out research into the nature, causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and care of all forms of dementia.
  • Campaign on dementia issues.

We focus on work in Somerset and the South West, but also support work on a national level. The organisations are agreed by trustees for each round of funding.

Funds raised in 2016
Funds raised in 2015
Funds raised in 2014

Would your organisation like to benefit from the funds that Remembering Not to Forget raises?

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If you have any questions about how funds are being distributed please contact us.

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