Remembering Not to Forget is a small charity established at the end of 2013 to support people impacted by dementia. Co-founders Laura and Ali both have close family members with dementia. They have experienced first-hand the pain of seeing someone affected by the condition. We wanted to do something to support other families facing a diagnosis of dementia.

Our charitable objects are:

  • To relieve the needs and promote and protect the good health of people living with dementia, their carers and families in such ways as the trustees may think fit.
  • To protect and promote the health of the public in particular by the funding of research into the nature, causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and care of all forms of dementia

We raise funds through a combination of sponsored physical challenges undertaken by trustees and supporters, participation events and general donations. We also encourage individuals and organisations to fundraise in aid of Remembering Not to Forget.

Remembering Not to Forget aims to support a range of different organisations, we focus on Somerset and the South West of England but also support work on a national level.

Trustees research and select organisations to support, distributing grants on an annual basis. However, organisations which work in line with our charitable purposes (outlined above) and are seeking funds are also invited to get in touch. Read about how we have distributed the funds raised so far.

Remembering Not to Forget is run by volunteers, and so has no running costs. All of the funds raised are distributed as grants. Read more about our fundraising.

We are a Registered Charity No. 1166415.

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